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How to convert SVG to JPG

  • 05 Dec, 2023
How to convert SVG to JPG

Converting SVG to JPG: A Simple Guide for Beginners

Understanding SVG and JPG Formats

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG ) and Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPG) are two common image formats used on the web. SVG is a vector-based format that allows for scalability without losing image quality, making it ideal for logos, icons, and other graphics. On the other hand, JPG file is a raster image format that is widely used for photographs and complex images.

Why Convert SVG to JPG?

While SVG files are versatile and can be displayed on various devices and screen resolutions, there are instances where you may need to convert them to JPG. For example, when working with content management systems or email templates that do not fully support SVG, converting to JPG can ensure compatibility and consistent display.

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Converting SVG to JPG Using Software

Utilizing Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a popular tool for creating and editing vector graphics. To convert an SVG file to JPG using Adobe Illustrator, open the SVG file in the software, then go to "File" > "Export" and choose "JPG'' as the output format. You can customize the JPG export settings, such as image quality and resolution, to suit your requirements.

Using Online Converters

There are also various online tools and converters that offer a simple way to convert SVG to JPG. Websites like convertor.tools allow you to upload your SVG file and convert it to JPG within minutes. These online converters often provide options to adjust the output quality and other settings.

Converting SVG to JPG Programmatically

If you prefer a more technical approach, you can convert SVG to JPG programmatically using libraries and tools such as ImageMagick, a command-line utility that enables batch conversion of image files. With ImageMagick, you can easily convert SVG files to JPG using simple commands, making it a convenient option for developers and those familiar with command-line interfaces.


Converting SVG to JPG can be essential for ensuring compatibility and consistent display of images across different platforms and devices. Whether you prefer using graphic design software, online converters, or command-line tools, there are various methods available to help you effortlessly convert your SVG files to JPG format. By understanding the distinct characteristics of SVG and JPG formats and utilising the recommended tools and methods, you can seamlessly convert your SVG images to JPG without compromising quality or visual appeal.

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