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Best 3 ways to convert WEBP to JPG online free

Best 3 ways to convert WEBP to JPG online freeCONVERTOR.TOOLS
  • 02 Jan, 2024
Best 3 ways to convert WEBP to JPG online free

Converting WEBP to JPG can be necessary when you need compatibility with devices or applications that don't support the WEBP format. There are several ways to perform this conversion, and here are three methods along with step-by-step instructions:

Method 1: Online Converter

1.Choose a Reliable Online Converter:

Visit a reputable online converter website. Some popular options include convertor.tools, CloudConvert, Zamzar, or OnlineConverter. Ensure that the chosen website supports the conversion from WEBP to JPG.

2. Upload the WEBP File:

Locate the WEBP file on your computer that you want to convert. On the online converter website, find the option to upload or select files. Upload the WEBP file you want to convert.

3. Select Output Format (JPG):

Once the file is uploaded, look for an option to choose the output format. Select JPG or JPEG as the desired output format.

4. Start Conversion: After selecting the output format, initiate the conversion process. Wait for the website to process the file and convert it to JPG.

5. Download the Converted File:

Once the conversion is complete, there should be a download link for the converted jpg file download. Click on the download link to save the JPG file to your computer.

Method 2: Desktop Software (IrfanView)

1. Download and Install IrfanView:

Visit the official IrfanView website and download the software. Install IrfanView on your computer following the installation instructions.

2. Open the WEBP File in IrfanView:

Launch IrfanView on your computer. Open the WEBP file you want to convert by going to File > Open and selecting the file.

3. Save as JPG:

With the WEBP file open in IrfanView, go to File > Save As. In the Save As dialog box, choose the output format as JPG. Adjust any additional settings if needed.

4. Click Save:

Click the "Save" button to initiate the conversion process.

Method 3: Command Line (Using FFmpeg)

1. Install FFmpeg:

Ensure you have FFmpeg installed on your computer. You can download it from the official FFmpeg website.

2. Open Command Prompt or Terminal:

On Windows, press Win + R, type cmd, and press Enter. On macOS or Linux, open Terminal.

3. Navigate to the Directory:

Use the cd command to navigate to the directory containing your WEBP file.

4. Run FFmpeg Command:

Enter the following command to convert WEBP to JPG: Replace input.webp with the name of your WEBP file and output.jpg with the desired name for the JPG file.

5. Press Enter:

Press Enter to execute the command, and FFmpeg will convert the WEBP file to JPG.

These methods provide different approaches to converting WEBP to JPG, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your preferences and technical expertise. Whether you prefer online converters for simplicity, desktop software for a user-friendly interface, or command-line tools for more control, these options cater to various user needs.

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