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MKV to WAV converter online for free?

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In this post, you can get to know how to convert a mkv to wav online using a convertor.tools is a free website and convertor tools guide you the steps to convert mkv to wav . converter tools are most used websites. It is very popular website and everyday 100k users visit this website.

What is the mkv file ?

MKV stands for "Matroska Video." It's a multimedia container format that can hold multiple types of audio, video, and subtitle streams, along with various metadata, within a single file. MKV is known for its flexibility in handling different types of content and its support for high-quality video and audio.

Our MKV to WAV converter is a simple way to convert MKV files in WAV format. A great online tool to convert MKV to WAV format in seconds with great quality. There is no limit to the file size, and no registration or login is required. Select your MKV file and click "Convert" to get the converted file without installing any other software on your computer. Our free MKV to WAV converter works well on PCs and mobile devices with faster internet and is completely secure.

Here are some key of using MKV file


MKV can hold numerous audio, video, and subtitle tracks in a single file, creating it adaptable for packaging involving multimedia range. You can convert data into mp4 format using MKV to MP4.

High-Quality Video:

MKV supports high-quality video codecs like H.264, H.265 (HEVC), and VP9, making it suitable for storing high-definition and ultra-high-definition video.

Multiple Audio Tracks:

MKV authorizes including multiple audio tracks, which is useful for a range that includes multiple speech performances or alternate audio creeks.

Multiple subtitle tracks can be included in an MKV file, letting witnesses select subtitles in other languages.


MKV keeps metadata storage, which can supply more information about the content, such as title, author, and more.

Open Design:

MKV is an open and free structure, suggesting it doesn't include proprietary rules, which encourages overall adoption.


For those curious about archiving multimedia range, MKV's power to encapsulate different ways and keep the rate of the content can be useful.


MKV files can be customized to fit specific tracks, branches, and other factors according to the user's choices.

What is the wav file?

A WAV (Waveform Audio File) is an audio file format that stores audio data in a digital format. It's a common and widely used format for storing high-quality audio recordings.

Here are some key of using wav file

Uncompressed Audio:

WAV files are uncompressed, meaning they store audio data without any loss of quality due to compression algorithms. This results in high-fidelity audio reproduction, making WAV a preferred choice for preserving the original audio quality.

Lossless Format:

Since WAV is uncompressed, it's considered a lossless format. This means that no audio quality is sacrificed during the process of encoding and decoding the audio data.

PCM Encoding:

WAV files often use PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) encoding, which represents the amplitude of the audio signal as a series of numerical values. These values can be used to recreate the analog audio waveform accurately.

Sampling Rate:

WAV files can have various sampling rates, which determine the number of audio samples captured per second. Common sampling rates include 44.1 kHz (CD quality), 48 kHz, and higher for professional audio work.

Bit Depth:

WAV files also have different bit depths, which determine the range of values that each sample can take. Common bit depths include 16-bit and 24-bit. A higher bit depth allows for a wider dynamic range and better representation of audio nuances.

How to convert MKV to WAV for free?

Contrary to popular belief, MKV files are not audio or video formats. MKV files are the media storage medium. An MKV device can play audio, video, and text in a single file, even if its components use different codecs. ) Following are steps to convert MKV to WAV using MediaShare Online Free Converter.

STEP 1: Find page

First, you open MKV to WAV in the converter.Click the dropbox and select your file in your system and upload it.It is a very easy way to upload your file.


STEP 2: Wait until the MKV file is uploaded.

Click "Choose File" to select the MKV file in the folder. You can likewise drag and drop files into the crate. Click on Convert File.


STEP 3: Select output format from the dropdown menu.

Submit your document


STEP 4: Download your file

Hit the download control and save the WAV to your device in moments. After all you did, congratulations, you downloaded the WAV file.



There are countless techniques for converting MKV to WAV.. You can find the one you most like convertor.tools. If you don't want to install any software on your devices, you can use web converters, FFmpeg for engineers, or VLC for playback and conversion.

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